a story of dreams

Every being dreams, and every dream tells a story. To one bunch of camera-boys, Kala Media is the dream!

Each drowned neck-deep in media production since circa. 2011, these musketters swore an oath to serve and protect the call for soul ravishing visuals. With the sheer unity of their skills, Kala Media broke its way into the Media Solutions market with invigorating and impactful visuals, some of which offer a taste in the 2014 showreel.

With a no-compromise stance, and a fervour for being the best, Kala Media reaches out to help Corporates with Promotional Films, and Internal Corporate Films, packaged with Marketing Support. This aims to help the corporates present themselves with the same impactful spirit that Kala Media kindles.

Amidst all the foreground noise, Kala Media yearns to produce short films and documentaries each year as a strong initiative to train and amplify technical skill, talent and expertise. This keeps the team armed and ready for combat on any rainy day.